The Licensing Initiative for Research, Academia, and Science

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Incentivizing Collaborative Research

Academic and scientific ecosystems are being suffocated by licensing models that disincentivize collaboration and force competition. The Licensing Initiative for Research, Academia, and Science (LIRAS) aims to solve this, by creating licenses that foster both pre-publication and post-publication research collaboration.

LIRAS aims to make recognition and attribution tradable, by helping researchers choose how they would like to get credit for their contributions to research projects. LIRAS licenses allow researchers to require credit for their work in the form of authorship slots, acknowledgements, or citations.

This model allows scientists and academics to work together under a common legal framework, thereby fostering scientific and academic collaboration both before and after publication. LIRAS licenses also allow for the monetization of unused research in return for the currency of science, which is recognition.

Our Objectives

Incentivize Collaboration

Our thesis is that pre-publication collaboration is usually more impactful than post-publication collaboration. For this reason, our main objective is to help scientists work together on research projects before publication, but our licenses foster collaboration at every stage of the research cycle.

Encourage Open Access

We believe in making research and its dissemination accessible to all members of an inquiring society. LIRAS tailors incentives to encourage sharing and reuse while making sure scientists and academics feel comfortable sharing their work. This helps ensure that research is both openly accessible and usable.

Ensure Proper Attribution

Worry about ideas and work being stolen is common in academia and science, but stealing is often a fine line away from reuse, which research ecosystems thrive on. LIRAS establishes a clear boundary between collaboration and theft by providing guidelines for giving attribution.

Monetize Recognition

Recognition is the currency of science. LIRAS makes this currency tradeable, easy to produce, and definable. This model helps unlock latent value, by letting researchers passively contribute unused data and research to other projects in return for recognition.

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